is not mobile-friendly

I’m not sure where the code of wiki is hosted. Do we host an instance of moinmoin? Would it be possible to modernize the styling?

It would be great if the wiki can be made mobile friendly, but I don’t even know where the source code is located.

This would require creating a new mobile friendly theme for the
MoinMoin wiki. The code is hosted on a VM and we use the older
EuroPython theme, which was created in 2009:

These are the docs for this:

I guess the PSF could also help with moin development a bit, so that we
can upgrade to moin 2.0 at some point in the future:

Thanks for taking a look at this Mariatta, the wiki is pretty neglected :sweat_smile:

I believe the hosting for the wiki is configured here: psf-salt/moin.sls at 8c29e89e500bd1ad48c112e0144d574e89d13e01 · python/psf-salt · GitHub

It’s using a theme called europython but the source links for it on the Moin ThemeMarket page seem to be dead: ThemeMarket/Europython - MoinMoin

I believe @EWDurbin can probably give you access to the existing theme files from the server.

Quick update: I reached out to the original author of theme, the repo is now here: moin-europython: shortlog

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Thanks @malemburg @ammaraskar for the quick repsonses.

I don’t have css styling skills myself. Best I can do is point interested people to it and say “PR is welcome” :sweat_smile:

Would it be possible to make the theme be made available on GitHub so folks can make PRs for it?

Sure thing, if you want to make a repo for it under Python · GitHub I can convert it from mercurial to git so we have a place to point people to.

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Thanks! I will look into it once I’m on computer.

FYI: This should be coordinated with the new documentation WG and also
with whoever is responsible in the PSF for the design on the websites.

There’s not much use in putting work into an updated theme when
we end up not deploying it.

It’s also not a good idea to have the wiki divert even more from
the website design. Moving closer to that design or a
completely new design which then gets used across all the websites
would be better.


Yeah I’m in the Docs WG myself so I’ll make sure to bring this up to the WG.

The moin-europython Mercurial repo does not have a license. Is it GPL?

I pinged the original author again, they should attach a license to it soon :slight_smile:

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Just out of curiosity, why does it need to be mobile friendly?

Some of us (including me) have the unhealthy habit of researching stuff
on the phone when we do not have our computer availale to write stuff.
Making the wiki more mobile friendly would make this a bit more healthy.


The wiki is also especially bad since the page does not have a minimal width, but the sidebar does. This makes it practically impossible to read on smaller screens, where the sidebar would take almost all of the page width and leave no room for the actual content. The design does not strictly need to be responsive, but definitely could use an overhaul—and if we’re going to do that, making it responsive sounds like a correct move.


People use their phone to read things on the internet. When we have information that’s not easily readable on their phone, we’re basically creating barrier to them from accessing information.
Having mobile friendly website should be the default nowadays. Additionally, I know of many people who have access to phone or iPad, but don’t have computer.

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Is MoinMoin even still maintained? Probably a topic for another thread, but should the wiki be moved to something less long-in-the-tooth? Security being one reason, use of more recent markup systems another. Pandoc appears not to support MoinMoin out of the box, but I think there are some add-ons which might do a reasonable job.

I refer to TimeComplexity - Python Wiki
on each Python training course I am giving (every week).

This is a very good source of information, but lack of updating for a while.
Would love to see that refreshed and covering even more data structures :slight_smile:

It’s a wiki, so the users are the ones who need to keep it up to date.

Feel free to ask for edit permissions and take the lead.


I think so, there’s a bunch of activity on the code repo this year Commits · moinwiki/moin · GitHub

The Ubuntu wiki is also using MoinMoin still: CommunityHelpWiki - Community Help Wiki

Any where, Every one will search with the mobile device, and it is not GUI friendly. Kindly fix the mobile view asap.