Working of '\r' in IDLE

Hello World!

I came across using the escape sequence ‘\r’ while learning Python through IDLE. It is for carriage return. But the IDLE screen does no work when it encounters ‘\r’.

I could learn the working of ‘\r’ somewhere else in my console, etc. But the reason for why IDLE doesn’t recognise ‘\r’ will only be provided here. Could anyone please let me know the reason for it?

Is IDLE developed in such a way for a particular reason? If so please let me know the reason. Please

The only reason is that nobody implemented it yet. You are welcome.

Is it true for clearing of IDLE screen also? Kindly spare your valuable time to reply please

I think that supporting other control characters like BEL, BS, VT and FF will be appreciated, but the ANSI sequence for clearing the screen is a part of more complex convention. It will require discussion about what sequences we want to support. I think it should be not a sole “clear entire screen”.