Can some one explain to me this code

class ShortVideoSegment(BaseModel):
title: str
start: str
end: str
logo: str

class ShortVideo(BaseModel):
url: str
segments: List[ShortVideoSegment]

It looks like a pydantic model.
It defines ShortVideo to have an attribute url of type str and an attribute segments, which is a list of ShortVideSegment. In turn, ShortVideoSegment is defined to have attributes title, start, end, and logo, all of type str.


seg1 = ShortVideoSegment(title='aaa1', start="0", end="1", logo="aaaa_logo")
seg2 = ShortVideoSegment(title="aaa2", start="1", end="2", logo="aaaa_logo")
video1 = ShortVideo(url="", segments=[seg1, seg2])

seg_error = ShortVideoSegment(title="bbb", start=33)  # Should complain that `start` is not a string, and that `end` and `logo` are required.