Crashes only when running with pycharm

Hi, I get some arbitrary crashes when I run my project in pycharm. Not when I run it using python alone/ wing ide. It used to happen constantly on every run, but now it is statistical.

The pydevd evaluator gets into infinite loop. Probably related either to __getattr__ or to abstract property added by some code.

I did debugged it a bit in windbg and opened a bug, but don’t want to invest much more time in it.
Does it happen to you as well, and do you know a magical way to debug?

The app is pyside6 , so not supported by vscode AFAIK .

Does it crash with every project? If you cannot consistently get a hello-world to work then there is presumably something wrong with the installation or the environment, not with pycharm in general (or else everyone would be complaining). If only specific projects fail then the best thing you can do is try to create a minimal project that reproduces the problem, and take it to the pycharm team.

I don’t understand why it should matter that pyside6 isn’t supported by vscode, if the problem is with pycharm.

I’ve had this too. So whilst I can’t help you I can state that I’ve had a program crash in pycharm that works faultlessly otherwise.

In my case it was triggered once I had to many arguments in argparse. Wasted a lot of time troubleshooting before running it normally and it worked fine.

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Have you checked pydevd open issues and open PRs?
I’m seeing for instance this one (Add support for qt6 (PyQt6 and PySide6) by ldet · Pull Request #237 · fabioz/PyDev.Debugger · GitHub) which may or may not be related to your issue(s).

No it crashes only with this specific project. I tried every python version there is .

If pyside6 is not supported I can’t use breakpoint on qt threads.

pycharm version of pydevd supports pyside6.

Exactly what files does the project contain? In particular, are there any IDE-specific configuration files?