Creating a site for spreading information about rules and regulations

Hi, I just recently completed my LLB degree and actually want to create a site for it. Can anyone guide me to the relevant resources where I can start learning web development in Python? I just stumbled upon my competitor’s website, who has created a small site that teaches case-fighting techniques, so I have learned all these techniques from my university.

How much learning do I need to create a simple site like this? Or can anyone do it for the smallest amount of money?

If all you need is a static (i.e. non-interactive) website, you could try one of those static site generators.

In the first step, you would write your content in text form (for example in markdown).
Then, you would run the generator to create all html files of your page. You could then host them somewhere to make them accessible from the web.

There are lots of site generators you can choose from.
One particular generator I like is Nikola (
It’s written in Python and allows you to customize a lot.
But there are also many other choices.

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I second the recommendation for Markdown. But first figure out what you need out of your web site. Do you just need simple static pages? If so, look into something like GitHub Pages, which is built on Jekyll and (usually) Markdown. Do you need a little bit more flexibility? Try building yourself a Flask-based web site; its templating system (Jinja) is quite expressive. Want something that has a scripted front end and then does some work on the back end as well? Design a Flask-based web API that works in JSON, and then have a JavaScript front end that talks to the user.

Whatever technologies you end up using, the most important part of your site is the content. What are you saying? What information do you need to collect from the user, if any? What interactions will users have with other users? (The answer is, very often, “none”.) Plan all this out, at least for the first attempt, and let that guide your decisions.

Why do you want to use Python to create a website instead of focusing on your law career?

Why are you advertising your competitor’s website? This kinda smells like a sneaky attempt at spam. I hope I’m not wasting my time by talking to a spam bot as if it is a human being.

The first question is, what is the most important thing you want to focus on? Is is:

  • I want to be a Python programmer, and creating a website seems like a good project to get started on.

Or is it:

  • I care about my law career, and want a website for it.

In the first case, you need to learn Python first. Start by doing the Python tutorial. That will give you the first step in Python programming.

In the second case, forget all about Python, and focus on your website. You probably wouldn’t hand-build your office furniture, and you probably shouldn’t build your own website either. Hire a professional. If you are short of money and need to do this on a budget, start by googling for “website builder”.