Fatal Error configuring Python 3.12.1

Hello everyone. I am having an issue setting up python on my PC. I downloaded it from the internet on my Windows 11 PC and everything seemed fine until I accidently reinstalled again from the microsoft store.

I noticed an issue trying to make pip work and I kept getting the error saying pip was not installed. So more or less… for the last hour… I have been trying to uninstall/repair/reinstall python so that it works properly but I keep getting errors. two in particular. Can not find platform independent libraries and a fatal error when I try to properly uninstall from the original install app.

Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Remove the app store version and check that things are back as you wanted.

Let us know if that works.

I removed every file I could find and then tried repairing it from the original app, pip still did not work. So I tried uninstalling again which gave me the same fatal error as before. I just tried to modify all of the files to try to fix but still no pip?

I have a sense I am not properly deleting all of my python files from my pc and I have some mess hidden. Is there something else I can search in the search bar besides “python” that will pull up all of the files I need to get rid of?

I fixed it, I had pycharm and vsc installed as well which were effecting things. Reinstalled and ran what I needed to from the VSC terminal and everything seems to work fine.

Did you use the uninstall option for the app store python?

Based on the report that uninstalling or reinstalling IDEs resolved the problem, I’m guessing the problem was some sort of confusion involving virtual environments.