IDE with drag and drop

Hello, I have recently approached this programming language. I installed python and the tkinter framework (it should be the easiest one to learn in the initial stage) to learn how to write u program in windows. In making a program I have seen that I have to write the code by hand, pointing out the coordinates. In windows normally there are IDEs that allow you to choose between label and input and move the field on the form, also having the ability to act on the code.
Is there any such framework in python ?

Tkinter is a library and while it’s not too hard to grasp, I would highly recommend that you spend some time learning the Python fundamentals before you get into, what could be considered, relatively advanced Python.

There is a kind of D&D framework called PAGE which I’ve been using for quite a while (about year or so), but again, you’ll need some Python skills in order to create all but very basic GUI based apps.

What I tend to do, is to code an app for the CLI, but with a GUI in mind, so that the GUI can be almost bolted on and the major parts of the app are already tried and tested, which makes the debug phase (of the GUI) a little less complex.

My latest creation, coded using PAGE, can be found here, if you’re interested.