"IDLE" and "Python Launcher" icons do not appear in Launchpad after reinstalling Python 3.11

I use Mac OS (Sonoma) on a M2 MacBook Pro. Recently, I uninstalled Python 3.11 but reinstalled it later. However, I find the icons of “IDLE” and “Python Launcher” are not added back to the Launchpad. I have tried several methods, including restarting the computer, creating aliases in the root folder of “\Applications”, and using “killall Dock” in Terminal, but they do not work. I tried to install another version (3.12), and the same thing happened. It is weird. Any suggestions?

You used to be able to rebuild the launcher database.
But the script I have no longer works.
I’m not sure how to fix it on modern macOS (and its not broken for me in a long time).