ImportError numpy.core

Hi there when I write in python (import numpy.core ) this error is shown
importanterror was : dll load failed while importing multiarray_umath : the specified module could not be found .

This is almost certainly related to your previous question. How did you solve that? The solution is likely relevant to this issue.

I have slove that by going to the for numpy and edit some lines

Which lines, exactly?

in 118 line the computer didn’t know what is __NUMPY_SETUP mean I have made it above to True
i have imported numpy in its and add numpy. to

Further more I have removed the line 205

Making random changes to package files without understanding exactly what you’re doing is a great way to end up with broken packages. Which is exactly what has happened in your case.

Reinstall numpy from scratch. There is no salvaging your current installation.

I have did it , but

An old error is here

As you see python is stop working after reading import numpy

Please stop taking photos of your screen. Copy and paste instead. Make sure to use the code formatting option (the </> button).

I see no output at all. I would expect to see a traceback or at least an error message. Are you suppressing the output somehow?

This. Do this. There’s no point trying to repair your numpy installation; it will be faster to start fresh.

I have reinstalled numpy ,about the output there is no error shown either I write <print (‘ff’)> in the second line

What if you import numpy from within a python shell?

The same problem

No output at all?

Yes and either i write any thing after it python doesn’t do it

Your computer is most likely haunted. Try an exorcist.

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I just want to notify you is deleting some files from registry editor effect