Is there a category for fun, semi on-topic stuff?

I wanted to make a post in a tier list format rating various PEPs. I would share my rating and post it the list on TierMaker so others can rate it and share their own.

I think it would be really funny and interesting seeing what other members hear think about certain features.

This is just one idea, but I can think of a few more Python, “meme-like” things I would probably want to post here.

I know this doesn’t contribute in any way to Python’s development, so I don’t want to spam an existing category.

However I think there’s no better forum then here to post it, since people here are very enthusiastic about the language and it’s always interesting to hear opinions from a lot of members here. Everyone has a unique opinions and everyone cares, so I think I’m not the only one who would find this sort of stuff fun.

Is there anywhere I can post these sort of threads? I don’t think they do any harm if they’re a separate category, and could be fun to some people.

Note: Sorry for so making so many edits, I keep clicking the save edit button by accident (mobile)

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To expand on this, I think this category could be beneficial for many different types of posts. It could be something more like what I wanted to post, but it could also be someone showing some cool quirk they found. I can can’t think of something specific, but for example, some weird looking yet valid f-string as a result of PEP 701 is probably hiding somewhere. It could also be something like someone sharing a funny story or an interaction they had that relates to Python.

The Fedora discuss has a “Water cooler” category for this sort of thing.


Just looked at it and it looks like exactly what I’m looking for, thank you for sharing it!

Here’s their pinned post, for anyone wondering, or for inspiration:

This is the proverbial office “water cooler”, where we gather for “break from work” conversation. Introduce yourself, have (friendly!) off-topic discussions, and socialize!

They also have posts like:

  • Introductions of people (Currently covered by “Welcome to Discourse!” here)
  • “What’s your Fedora background pictures?”(I’d love to see some of this forum’s members “utils” snippets)
  • “What brought you to Fedora?”

And a lot more!

They’d probably be best in #general aka “Python Help”. And I would love to see some threads like that!

I was specifically hoping you would be active in that. That’s great to hear!

I will settle for this if no other category is created, but I don’t think it really fits.
I for example would probably want to look at the “Fun” category, but not really at people asking for Python help. And I don’t think people helping would necessarily want this there. In other words, it seems like a different crowd.

I’m aware Python Help serves as the “#general”, but if there’s no harm in opening this category, I think it could be great to have it as a standalone thing.

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Yeah, but on the other hand, it’s kinda dismal to start a category and not have it take off. If fun posts start getting popular, they can be moved into a new category.

I would agree with you on that IF the Python Help category was actually called “Other”, “General discussion” (I recall reading it was once called this), or something along those lines. Not everyone is aware Python Help is meant for everything since the name doesn’t imply that :frowning:

Because that’s the case, I think many people who want to make these kind of posts will take a brief look at the category list, and then think their post just doesn’t fit on this forum (which is, by the way, also a valid answer to this question) - and won’t post at all.

What I’m trying to say is, there’s no way to find out if It’ll take off unless we try. And while it would be a bit sad, I don’t think it would be horrible if it ends up being inactive/closed (although I doubt that will happen from what I saw on the Fedora forum).


+1 for a new “Water Cooler” category. If you’re not asking for help, “Python Help” is just a wrong name for a category to post in.


A “water cooler” category would fit posts like this

And this

And also possibly for 1% baked ideas (see the recent controversy).

A big +1 for me. “General discussion” (what the Python Help category really is) is too broad, “Python Help” is a misleading name and doesn’t sufficiently cover the community interests.

On a side note,

regardless of whether the new category is approved, I want to see your tier list :smile:


And also possibly for 1% baked ideas (see the recent

A big +1 for me.

No objections to (a few) additional categories. But…

“General discussion” (what the Python Help category really is) is too broad,
“Python Help” is a misleading name and doesn’t sufficiently cover the
community interests.

I am very -1 on renaming “Python Help” to anything else.

“Python Help” was chosen deliberately after a period of not being called
that. It used to be called “Miscellaneous” or something, and not be the
top topic. That caused much noise, as many assorted “help”-like posts
showed up in more focussed categories.

This is both disruptive to more focussed categories, and ineffective
for people seeking help because some of the “tutor”-minded readers won’t
be reading all the focussed categories.

After some discussion, we:

  • renamed it to Python Help, its primary (but not only) purpose
  • made it the top category because people were not finding it, or not choosing it
  • put in a very concise yet broad description

The heading wants to be read with a little context - the associated
description. The Python Discuss front page shows this category as:

 Python Help
 General help/discussion forum for the Python programming language.  All welcome.

The description is very deliberately easy to read and short and
welcoming. Your statement:

 "Python Help" is a misleading name and doesn't sufficiently cover 
 the community interests.

only makes sense if you haven’t taken the time to read the description line.

I think a discussion about renaming “Python Ideas” (Edit: meant “Python Help”) is off-topic here. That -1 doesn’t seem to the relevant to the thread. It is an interesting topic though, can you maybe continue it in a separate thread?

Judging from the likes to Tim’s comment, it seems there is a consensus on this. Is there any way to move forward with this? Should I ping a moderator? Or maybe wait a few more days to see if anyone has any other concerns?

I’m a big +1 to having an off-topic category. In my experience running forums, OT categories help build community.


Sorry for the ping, but @moderators, is there any way we can move forward with this?

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I guess I would say no to this. I assume Python should be meaningfully involved in the discussion thread one way or another. I believe moderators have enough work as it is, that we should not have them also deal with things that are not related to Python. But feels to me like you did not literally mean “off-topic”. From my point of view, “fun” discussions related to Python are on-topic.

I have not seen any post suggesting this in this thread.

On-topic to what category?

I was hoping the (apparently) pretty well known, “Water Cooler” definition would work. I don’t think there’s a lot of value in trying to formulate exactly what fits and what not, as this is not a particularly serious category. It appears like the Water Cooler definition works pretty well in other forums, I don’t see the point in making that category strict and very moderated.

It was mentioned here:

There’s been some mixing of Python Help and Ideas to create the non-existent “Python Ideas”. I don’t think anyone has suggested renaming Ideas.


Yup, my bad. Meant “Python Help”.