Possible conflict with CyberLink DirectorSuite 365

My apology if this isn’t the proper forum for the topic, but I wanted to report this to somebody in the python organization.

I had a recent problem where CyberLink Application Manager for DirectorSuite 365 would not install. I had many exchanges with customer support and nothing worked. Finally I was advised to uninstall Python 3.10.2. Which I did and all the problems with DirectorSuite365 went away.
So now that I have the DirectorSuite365 apps working again, I need to find a solution to run python 3 again, since that’s important to me too.
I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Perhaps a PATH problem? Suppose DirectorSuite 365 tries to runs its own Python scripts, expecting a specific interpreter installation to run them, but then runs your 3.10 by mistake.

If that’s the issue, then you should be able to fix it by not having Python 3.10 on the default application search path (the environment variable “PATH”).

How you go about that is very platform-dependant. You should mention which platform you are on,