PSF hiring developers to implement organization accounts in PyPI

The Python Software Foundation has funding available for designing, developing and deploying organization accounts in PyPI.

The aim of this project is to allow PyPI users to set up an organization account, invite other users to join, organize those users into teams, and manage ownership and permissions across multiple projects. We hope to provide organization accounts as a paid service to companies and complimentary access to community projects. The organization account feature will provide the structure based on which new features can be offered to paying customers.You can read this post that summarizes the user surveys.

We hope to hire two contractors who will code, test, review, document and deploy the organization account features. The two contractors include one backend developer and one frontend developer.

More details about the roles and link to the RfP is available here. Please RT and spread the word.


Thanks for the heads up. You might also want to link the PSF blog post about the opportunity (which I’m guessing you wrote as well), as it provides a good balance between the comprehensive detail of the full RFP and the concise summary here.

(BTW, tweaked your title to be a little more descriptive, as it rather confused me at first—hope you don’t mind!)

Thank you. Changes made.

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