PyPI Organization Account Project Update

Following the call for developers to apply for the PyPI Organization Account frontend and backend roles, we were impressed by the enthusiasm and range of experience in the proposals that were submitted.

We received 75 proposals for both roles including individual and agency applications. We assessed the applications for experience and suitability for the roles. Six applications were shortlisted incorporating input from the Packaging Working Group. We interviewed the shortlisted applicants and made the decision to offer the contract to two software engineers who are very excited to contribute to the community.

The project kickoff was on April 1 and we will be working in two week sprints for 16 weeks. We expect to conduct user test interviews every two weeks for issues that were resolved in the previous sprint. Our project board reflects a more detailed roadmap and will act as a way to track the project’s progress. If you are interested in participating in the user interviews, please apply here.

Finally, I would like to address some of the queries that were raised in this thread. The organization account feature was one of the most popular feature requests in the first PyPI user survey. Based on the feedback from the first survey and the second round of user interviews, the three most popular feature requests (organization accounts, namespace support and private packages) were offered as options in the third survey to get a clear ranking between the three feature requests. We decided to build organization account features even though it was ranked third as it will provide the necessary structure on which future features, both paid and unpaid, will be delivered.

The project roadmap and RfP details were approved by the Packaging Working Group. The organization account features will not impact any other project besides Warehouse. The accounting will be managed by PSF and will require no further effort from volunteers. Any organization account request from a community project will be validated by a PyPI administrator. We will be using Stripe for billing functionalities but we have not decided the pricing model yet.

Please feel free to post questions in this thread or contact me at my email address- sm [at] pyfound [dot] org.


Thanks for the update @smm, very exciting!

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Between this thread and the others you’ve posted over the past couple days, most of the questions posed there were responded to in some form—thanks!

To be honest, it’s a little hard for me to keep track, sorry, given that was over a month back and they were all independent posts without an explicit connection to specific queries on the original thread. To better close the loop in the future, especially if the latency on responses is a month or more, maybe it would be helpful to at least briefly reply on the thread letting us know and linking to the relevant posts addressing the questions here, and/or quote them here (which automatically notifies the replied-to users)? Otherwise, I worry those asking and following that thread may never see the responses you’ve taken the time to write, unless they watch every #packaging post (which I’m sure many do, but not all). Thanks.

Not sure why I got mentioned but anyway…

I just posted a link to here, in the thread whose questions have been responded to here. That should alleviate some of the immediate concerns around people not seeing that there’s a response. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I’m not clear why you pinged me here? I’ve already seen the original thread and this one. Was there a question I needed to answer that I missed?

Sorry, I thought you’d asked questions there but I see I was mistaken, it was Paul, Brett and myself. My bad.

Just wanted to make sure you saw it, since you were one of the people asking questions on the original thread, and (without a ping, quote or reply), there was no way for me to tell whether you’d been notified already, sorry.

Ah, thanks. But please don’t bother. I make sure I keep track of topics I’m interested in pretty well by myself.

Same here.