PyPI Organization Account Roadmaps

As discussed in a previous post, PSF will be commencing a 16 week project in April to add organization account features in PyPI.

To break down the project into manageable parts, we developed a high-level roadmap and broke down that roadmap into specific features. Please feel to review the documents and share your feedback in this thread.

We are looking for PyPI users who would be interested in participating in user interviews. These interviews would last about 25-30 minutes or less and would take place every 2 weeks. We do not expect every participant to do a user interview for each sprint. They can participate in as many user interviews as they like. Interested participants will be able to schedule interviews based on their availability. Please express your interest by signing up here- User Testing Expression of Interest Form


Is there a Twitter post about the interview sign up form that I can retweet?

Here’s a tweet:


Can organisation account only have one owner?

No, it can have multiple owners.

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I have a couple of questions about the planned approach for implementing namespaces – if this isn’t the right place to ask these questions, please direct me to the relevant place. It’s not been too clear to me where/how the community is supposed to provide feedback on this project. :slight_smile:

  1. Would it be possible to avoid calling the feature “namespaces” on PyPI? We already have something called “namespace packages” in Python and it could be worthwhile to explore ways to avoid confusion with that.

  2. How would the namespaces work, functionally? Will they be like one of the following?

    • along the lines of NPM scopes.
      This would likely need client-side tooling to change as well, which… given the lack of any activity on that front, makes me think that’s not the plan?
    • in the form of separate index pages (eg: pip install packagename -i
    • “reserve” a chunk of the available global namespace, giving the owners of the namespace some level of control over any packages that start with that name (eg: “django-”).

I think there is some confusion around the organization accounts project and namespaces. Org. account project will implement features around managing members, teams and permissions related to them. We will not be implementing namespaces.

I think your comments will be pertinent when we begin consulting for the namespace (or a more suitable name) project. Thank you for your comments and they have been noted.

Thanks for the response!

I’m aware that there’s two separate features that will be worked on one-after-another, and am not confusing them. My question was explicitly directed at the second feature, that will be implemented after the organistion accounts. As I said, it isn’t clear to me where questions about that should be asked.

I guess I’ll just wait until the relevant people explicitly ask for inputs/feedback on that. :slight_smile:

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