PyTexas Virtual Meetup

The PyTexas Meetup is a monthly virtual meetup on the PyTexas Discord covering topics from across the Python community. Meetups are on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm CST, and usually feature 1-2 speakers.

For more details about the PyTexas Meetup, check out our site or find us on Meetup. There you can find information about past meetups, a sign up for speakers to future meetups, and a link to the Discord server. Come join us!


December 5, 8:00pm CST

  • :microphone: Andy Knight will be sharing his insights on testing using pytest.
  • :microphone: @masonegger will be deep diving into Context Managers :bulb:
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Are new coders welcome?

Anyone is welcome. We do our best to be inclusive of people of all skill levels, backgrounds, and interests.