Python 3.14/3.15 Release Manager

Few people realise this, but every two years Python requires what amounts to a person sacrificing six years of their life, so they can be the Release Manager for two major releases. After grooming talking to a few potential victims candidates, as well as me showing them the ropes literally at last October’s Core Dev sprint, the SC has decided to welcome @hugovk as the next RM.

If you’re interested in seeing what the RM work is about, and you think you may be able to offer a few years off your life expectancy, I encourage you to talk to one of the RMs, like @hugovk :slight_smile:


Oh no, what have I done?!?

Thank you, happy to help out!

I’ve published the tentative release schedule PEP and updated pepotron:

$ pipx install pepotron  # or: pipx upgrade pepotron
  installed package pepotron 1.2.0, installed using Python 3.12.3
  These apps are now globally available
    - bpo
    - pep
done! ✨ 🌟 ✨

$ pep 3.14

Well deserved! Well deserved!


Not all heros wear capes. The position of RM is truly a heroic one, and if there was ever an open source superhero, it would be @hugovk