Python online courses for beginner/intermediate level

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask the python community for any useful online courses [Edx, Coursera, etc.] that they have had a positive experience with and would recommend.

My background: My python knowledge is at a beginner/intermediate level and I learned the library commands, loops, and conditionals through Codecademy.

Purpose: I am making a career change and starting with an online degree [MS in Business analytics], while I work my full-time job. They suggest before the start of the course, I should get acquainted with 1. Fundamentals 2. Control structures 3. data structures and 4. Objects & algorithms

Since there are tons of resources online [multiple courses offered on Edx, Corsera], I am having a hard time choosing from them. Hence, if someone has had a good experience with any of the courses [or has heard good things from others], can you please let me know. Any other advice will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,