Refactoring the governance PEPs

I’m starting to see some commonalities between the various PEPs. E.g. I think there’s rough agreement about continuing day-to-day operations on the tracker and PRs, and that we should have working groups. Maybe it makes sense to refactor these out into a separate PEP so we don’t have to copy-n-paste these into each governance PEP?


There’s also a decent amount that is explicit in some PEPs and assumed in others (e.g. Distutils-sig will basically continue as-is, since packaging PEPs aren’t implemented in the main repo; CoC should be followed; etc.).

Voting for a PEP that simply doesn’t address these points doesn’t need to imply rejecting them.

It would help to have a comparison of the different PEPs to summarize them and highlight differences. I will try to do something in a wiki on Discourse. First I need to read carefully the 5 PEPs :slight_smile: