SLU Student Derek Cambridge

Hi Everyone,

I’m Derek Cambridge, a retired service member currently working for a school district in Florida. I’m also pursuing my Master’s in Cybersecurity at SNHU and my Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems at Saint Leo University. I’d like to extend my greetings to everyone in the Com 302 Programming in Python course.

I’m a complete newbie to Python and this exciting world of programming, but I’m eager to embark on this learning journey. As a student with zero prior experience in Python, I’m looking forward to gaining new skills and knowledge in this field. If any of you have any guidance, tips, or resources to share, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Let’s make this Python adventure an enjoyable and rewarding one together!

Best regards,

Derek Cambridge

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Hello, @dacambridge1, and welcome to the Python community!

Thank you for your service and for your work in the educational system in Florida.

We hope you enjoy this forum. Please see the following pages for information that may enhance your benefit from the discussions here:

The first of those two pages offers guidance regarding how to format Python code and output for proper display while you are asking questions or helping other users within the popular Python Help category. To become familiar with the nature of the discussions there that might be of most interest to students who are learning Python, please take a look at some of the current topics within that category.

We wish you the best of success with your coursework in the Master’s in Cybersecurity program at SNHU and the Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems program at Saint Leo University!