Steering Council nomination: Brett Cannon (2020 term)

I’m in an odd spot with nominating myself for the steering council again as the SC decided early on that we would communicate decisions as being made by the council as a whole and not some subset that voted one way versus another. So I don’t necessarily want to call out that I voted for or against something as I provided input in all the votes, so I had some form of influence regardless of whether the vote went the direction I personally wanted or not. So what I will say is that if you are happy with how the inaugural steering council went, then please considering voting for me again. If you are unhappy with how it turned out then you probably shouldn’t vote for me.

I would also like to remind people that the current council has only had a chance to be active for less than 9 months and we had to figure out how to do everything (including how we wanted to take meeting notes :smile:). So if you had hoped we had done more please understand we had ramp-up costs. We also have been working on things that have not become very visible yet like funding ideas to get full-time developers to support Python’s maintenance, some way to help guide the project long-term, and managing the migration of issues from b.p.o to GitHub, but those plans are not complete yet so there’s nothing concrete to share. Just know there’s a bit more going on beyond what you have visibly seen from the council.

Everything I said in my last nomination post pretty much still holds. Probably the most critical thing to note is that my employer is still Microsoft if there’s a seat restriction again as there was with this initial council due both Barry and me working for Microsoft somehow.

Lastly, I would say that if my actions over the past year since we started down this path of our new governance model has not been enough to convince you that I’m worth voting for then you probably shouldn’t vote for me (and especially if you don’t agree with me overall over the last 16 years :wink:). I know some people have lamented that the steering council doesn’t have much in the way of representation of newer core developers, and so I would hope that judging me over the past year/term like any other person is enough to warrant your vote instead of me having to rely on my entire time here as a member of the project.


This is interesting. If a complete new SC is elected, how will they be able to take up on those things you have initiated? Do you have detailed internal documents that you can send them?

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Yes, it’s all written down in documents, mailing list archives, and a private GitHub repo that we have. Plus I’m sure all current SC members would be happy to chat to bring the theoretically brand-new SC up to speed on what we had on the go at the time of us being voted out.