Steering Council nomination: Brett Cannon (2022 term)

Previous nominations

  1. 2019 (elected with the second highest vote count; 1 vote difference from #1)
  2. 2020 (elected, tied for the highest number of votes)
  3. 2021 (elected with 4th highest vote count; 5 vote difference from #1)



First, if you have been happy with how the steering council has gone up to this point, then please consider voting for me. If the SC has not functioned in a way you approve of, then you should probably not vote for me. :wink: The SC purposefully projects a unified voice and I stand by that decision, and thus anything coming out of the SC should also be considered coming from me.

(Current) 2022 goals

  1. Defining what the stdlib is and how to manage it (started the discussion in How do we want to manage additions/removals to the stdlib? )
  2. Clearer definition of platform support (e.g. tiered support like what Rust has?)
  3. Make it easy to compile CPython to WebAssembly (and WASI specifically)
  4. Easier installation story (i.e. is there a way to give people a zip file of a built CPython on all major platforms and make building that zip file part of our release process?)