Steering Council nomination: Brett Cannon (2021 term)

Let the awkward humblebraging begin! :wink:

Previous nominations

  1. 2019 (elected with the second highest number of votes)
  2. 2020 (elected, tied for the highest number of votes)



First, if you have been happy with how the steering council has gone up to this point, then please consider voting for me. If the SC has not functioned in a way you approve of, then you should probably not vote for me. :wink: The SC purposefully projects a unified voice and I stand by that decision, and thus anything coming out of the SC should also be considered coming from me.

And to be very clear on a very important topic: I stand by the decisions we made as a steering council around the Code of Conduct. While it was a bit of a learning experience in terms of execution, I believe how we handled the various situations and the decisions we reached were good and I do not have regrets around the spirit of what we decided and did.

Possible 2021 goals

  1. Paid staff to do the “grunt” work that volunteers don’t necessarily enjoy (especially working on our PR queue and our automation)
  2. Defining what the stdlib is (this doesn’t mean an opinion on the outcome, but it does mean finally coming up with a way to have written guidelines of what the goals of the stdlib are and thus guidelines on how to choose whether something should stay/go)
  3. Compliance test suite separate from the stdlib’s tests suite (so implementations can more easily state whether they are compliant with the Python language); bonus: defining the minimum subset of the language that must be implementation to claim one is a “subset of Python”