"This topic will close 3 days after the last reply"

(Antoine Pitrou) #1

I don’t understand why that sentence displays at the end of PEP 8010 - The singular leader . Not sure it was deliberate from @barry.

(Carol Willing) #2

@pitrou I think that this statement comes as a setting of Discourse defaults as I’ve seen similar statements on other discussions.

(Barry Warsaw) #3

Definitely not deliberate on my part. As I mentioned elsewhere, all I did was hit the “New Topic” button I found somewhere.

(Victor Stinner) #4

Can someone change the default to remove the time limit?

(Antoine Pitrou) #5

Ok, I understand. Apparently it’s the default setting for posts in the “Welcome to Discourse” category (which apparently is the default category).

However, now I’ve moved the topic to Committers, the time limit still holds on Barry’s topic and I can’t find a way to disable it. Can an admin/owner perhaps try to fix the issue?

(Barry Warsaw) #6

Thanks for moving it. I tried editing the topic and don’t see a way to remove that.

(Jack Jansen) #7

Then we just have to take turns and post a reply every day:-)

(Łukasz Langa) #8

As a few other people mentioned, this is only meant for the unorganized “Welcome to Discourse” pseudo-category. I imagine that when our own Eternal September comes, this is where people will say “Hi” and ask for homework assignments to be pasted.

More boring context

Each Discourse instance has this sort of catch-all, called Uncategorized by default. I renamed ours, somewhat against recommendations of the Discourse devs, because I don’t want us to invite uncategorized posts. I recently learned this pseudo-category can be disabled entirely. So I will do that soon and move the “Welcome to Discourse” posts to an actual category of the same name, then it will be obvious if somebody posts there (since there will be a category badge).

Category-less topics?
(Łukasz Langa) #9

FYI, I disabled “Uncategorized” on our instance and disabled creating new topics without specifying a category in Settings. Looks like there’s a bug and you can still create uncategorized posts. I reported this: I can still create Topics without specifying a category