Unable to install robotframewrok

Hello Everyone,
I’m using ‘pip install robotframework’ to install robot framework. but i’m getting an error while installing. can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong?

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement robotframework (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for robotframework
WARNING: There was an error checking the latest version of pip.

What OS are you using?
What version of python?

Does the the PyPI page say you are supported? robotframework · PyPI

Python 3.11
And yes, Pypi page does say that it’s supported

Try py -m pip install robotframework
If that works then your pip is not the python 3.11 version

Is py some windows alias i am not familiar with? Maybe the user has to replace it with python.

PS: i use the same alias :smiley:

The py.exe is a launcher that the python.org versuons of python install.
Using py.exe avoids the need to change your PATH to run python.

It is not an alias of the doskey or shell use of the term alias.

See 4. Using Python on Windows — Python 3.11.2 documentation for its features.

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