Updating Fundable Packaging Projects

The Packaging WG maintains a list of packaging projects that are well scoped and require funding. This list has high visibility and is usually seen by sponsors looking to allot funding. But this list does not have representation from all packaging tools.

Can I ask maintainers of various packaging tools to submit project ideas that they would like funded? This list is open to PyPA and non PyPA projects. Please note: funding is allocated depending on availability and priorities.

Just to clarify, since in the context of packaging/the PyPA, the term project is generally used to mean

I’m assuming you are looking for specific, defined tasks that a packaging tool needs financial support for, as opposed to just funding general maintenance of the tool itself? Or am I mistaken?

The former.

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I am posting in this thread again to encourage everyone to submit ideas that they would like to see funded. If there are improvements, especially around supply chain security, that would be useful for a packaging tool, please submit a PR here. This is open to all packaging tools. Please share this thread widely and with those who may not be active on Discourse.

Some suggestions—

If you’re looking to get a wider range of responses by PyPA and non-PyPA packaging tool maintainers, particularly concerning a particular topic area, one thing to also consider is reaching out to the types of packaging projects you’re looking for directly on their issue trackers or their other designated communication channels, if you haven’t already done so—that’s likely to be a pretty effective way to reach most of them.

Also, you could maybe @ the maintainers of the projects you think might be particularly interested in this solicitation here—unless users have already subscribed to this thread, or have their Discourse settings explicitly set to watch all posts in all threads in this category, Discourse won’t notify them about your followup unless they specifically go looking for it, but @ing them sends them an explicit notification to ensure they see it.

Conversely, if you’re looking for broader community participation and ideas beyond just maintainers of major packaging projects, you could post in venues with a broader audience, like r/Python, Y-combinator, etc—but my impression is that’s not what you’re going for here.

Best of luck!