Warning Messages running HTML2IMAGE

I don’t think the following errors are from Python but they are a pain and will be appearing in my log every 30 minutes. They are from running HTML2IMAGE. I get a successful completion.

I posted the question of how to suppress them in the GIT Discussion for H2I but have not received a response.

H2I allows to pass flags to the backend browser. I’ve tried several for Chrome/Chromium with no luck.

I’ve tried the Python WARNING package but it does not trap them.

Here are the warnings.

[0203/184339.985511:WARNING:bluez_dbus_manager.cc(248)] Floss manager not present, cannot set Floss enable/disable.
[0203/184340.058443:WARNING:sandbox_linux.cc(400)] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
19491 bytes written to file /home/paul/pgm/page.jpg

Does this help?

There should be a way to disable the headless browsers’ output · Issue #55 · vgalin/html2image · GitHub

Yes, thanks for finding that. The following disables the logging. Currently not documented.

hti = Html2Image(disable_logging=True)