Workflow bot changes?


Looking at some of the recent pull requests, it seems some of the explicit workflow transitions might have be disabled or broken?

For example here, the bot hasn’t reacted after the author posted “I have made the requested changes; please review again.”.


This has been a known issue since October: Bedevere doesn't say "thank you" for making the requested changes anymore · Issue #599 · python/bedevere · GitHub

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I’ve noticed this too (though I can’t find the PR where I saw it happen).

Technically this mechanism isn’t necessary any more as PR authors can refresh reviews as a way to request a new one as part of GitHub’s UI.

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Yesterday I approved python/cpython#115212 and Bedevere removed the “awaiting core review” label and added “awaiting merge”. All good.

But @willingc had already approved it last week and Bedevere hadn’t adjusted the labels.

I’m sorry, I don’t know this part of the GitHub GUI. Are you saying that after a reviewer has clicked the “request changes” box as part of their review, once the author has pushed their fixes they should go back into the “Request review” UI to re-add the reviewer who requested the changes? Or is “refresh reviews” some other UI gesture?


It’s the refresh button next to the review in question, which will re-request a review from the indicated user. It appears next to all submitted reviews that have not already been requested, so long as the PR has not been merged. I’m not certain, however, if users who are not at least triagers can actually use it—I’d need to check.

Sorry, I just saw the issue. I have just updated the bot setting. This should be fixed now. We can’t retrigger old events, but going forward this should be working again.


I believe PR authors can (see step 5 at Requesting a pull request review - GitHub Docs ).

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I think there is a large difference between a small UI element that is automatically displayed by GH, and an explicit and inviting message that suggests the next step to the PR author. In my experience, PR authors rarely use the “refresh button” when they have addressed reviewer comments.

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I would assume we would change the comment left to point out how to use the GitHub UI.