Adding a third 3.12 release candidate

Given the issues that have been found (and fixed) in 3.12 rc2 over the last week and a half, I’m going to add a new release candidate. I plan to release it on Monday. I do want to keep the changes in rc3 very contained, so as not to invalidate all the testing people have already done. So, for 3.12rc3, in principle I’m only going to merge fixes for bugs that are new in 3.12 – not ones that also existed in 3.11 – in addition to testsuite-only fixes and documentation changes. The rest of the fixes can wait until 3.12.1. If you have any PRs that you think should go into 3.12 despite not falling under those criteria, feel free to let me know.

The new release candidate won’t affect the scheduling for 3.12.0 final, which is still October 2.


Oh right, currently, they are 56 commits between the 3.12.0rc2 the and the 3.12 branch: