Is Django worth mastering?

i am learning python should i go to Django framework first

Do you need to use Django? If you don’t, then there’s not much point in learning it!

The best way to learn any programming language is to find a use for it and then learn what will help you achieve that goal.


flask is your friend. It’s beautiful, inside out.

Then you should make sure you understand the fundamentals of the language first, before even thinking about any third-party libraries or frameworks. The same applies to any other programming language. If you don’t understand how to write code or how it works generally, you will be totally lost when you have to fix a problem that is also relying on using someone else’s code. You will have to understand generally how “using code” works, and how to read documentation and understand the requirements of the other code. You will also have to understand what kinds of tasks can be done in a program, and how to research in order to understand the purpose of other libraries and frameworks. There is no sense in just throwing names out there. Django is a tool to help with using Python for very specific purposes. It is not an alternative to Python, or a way to get an introduction to Python.

It is just like how, if you wanted to learn Japanese (or any other human language), you would not start by choosing some stories to read. You would start by learning a little bit about grammar, and about what sounds are used in the language, and practicing with the writing system.