Looking for mentor / helpful critic for my hatch-gettext plugin

I’ve developed a Hatch plugin to work with gettext translations, hatch-gettext. I’m guessing that the primary users of this plugin will be those who write and package Linux applications.

I’m not an expert in Linux distro packaging, or gettext itself. Plus this is my first Hatch plugin. So it’s possible I’ve overlooked some requirements, or done something not so well. Before unleashing the plugin on Linux distros, it would be nice to make sure it’s a reasonable fit for what a Hatch Gettext plugin should do.

If anyone wants to take a look and share their thoughts and constructive criticism that would be fantastic. I’m especially interested in the views of folks who maintain Linux distro packages, and those who use gettext for something more than compiling po files and translating .desktop and .xml files.

If not (we are all very busy), no worries. I’m sure I’ll get feedback once people start using it!


Your plugin looks great! The only thing I would recommend is using hyphens rather than underscores for TOML option names to match most of the other naming in the ecosystem.

I’m not too familiar with translations nor distro packaging so I can’t speak much to that.


Good point. I’ve made a release with the change. Thanks for your most excellent work on Hatch!

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