Thanks for improved discourse landing and some shoutouts

I like the new sections for Packaging in Discourse.

I also want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the many maintainers who work to improve packaging and keep things running.

In particular, I want to recognize @webknjaz for their thoughtful reviews and recent troubleshooting of GitHub Actions and Trusted Publishing to PyPI for @lwasser and pyOpenSci. I also want to recognize @dstufft for similarly helping me over a decade ago to understand how to use pip effectively for Python 2 and 3 in my Jupyter work. :bouquet: :tada:

Thank you!


Thank you for your kind words, Carol! Please, don’t forget to thank @woodruffw who was actually the one to implement and continuously improve the Trusted Publishing in the first place and have been working hard to make the tokenless publishing experience so straightforward.


Thanks, @woodruffw, too! I didn’t know that you implemented and improved Trusted Publishing. Thank you for making package distribution more secure.

I hope to see you at PyCon and the Packaging Summit.


@willingc - such a nice post! you are appreciated too!

i am so so appreciative to both @woodruffw and @webknjaz for your help with the packaging challenge i encountered with trusted publishers!
thank you both !! :heart_hands:

AND not only did you help but also I learned a bit about security and releases so not only was it helpful, my workflow will be improved because of it!


FTR, seems like @pradyunsg led the charge on recatorgizing posts to these sections, so thanks to him on that!

There’s still a month left to sign up and two to submit topics, but just a shout out to everyone to sign up if you’re going to PyCon and would be interested, and share any topic ideas you have! I see @willingc 's signed up, and if you’ll be at PyCon @lwasser we’d love to have you there again as well! Looking forward to seeing you all!


Thank you so much! I did a decent chunk of the work there, but @dustin deserves all the credit for the original plan and design (and for getting it funded!)

(I’ve been working with some colleagues on additional platform support, we hope to be able to announce Trusted Publishing for at least 3 more platforms by PyCon!)

I will definitely be at PyCon as well, although I probably won’t be able to stay for the packaging summit this year (first time in 2/3(?) years missing it :cry:)


@CAM-Gerlach i just signed up!! looking forward to the summit and all things pycon US this year! see you, CAM & everyone else who plans to attend there! :sparkles:


I also signed up for the Packaging Summit a few days ago but I’m still waiting to hear from the employer that they’ll actually fund my trip this year…