New to python and am needing some assistance to correctly use said program on the mobile app

I am having trouble looking to create a new folder I’m currently using the app for mobile and would like some assistance on how to use it correctly

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated thank you

What mobile app is this, to be exact? I don’t believe there is an official Python mobile app.

The application is called Python codepad

It looks like it does not have permission to read the folder. Does the app have access to storage?

It says there was an error while opening the folder do I have to download some forms?

Did you try to open any folder, or does the error appear the moment you open the app? Please be as clear as possible. Can you show us what permissions the app has?

If that isn’t the case, you should contact the app developer. This issue is not related to Python.


So i did try opening up a folder and the app just frkze on me somi think im going to contact the developers for assistance i believe they are called cloudbit