Older Python documentation agreements

Where do I find older versions of Python Python Software Foundation License? If I am looking at the documentation for version 3.10.13 it still points to the license agreement, which mentions a lot the version 3.12.

Can you clarify please? On History and License — Python 3.10.13 documentation, I don’t see any references to Python 3.12.

Wasn’t the license shown or installed when you install the 3.10 version?

I can see, that you have a different URL than I have. The way I got to my url is that I clicked on " See History and License for more information." in the footer of 3.10 documentation.

But now I see I can change the version of the license in the banner also. So that answers my question.

Who knows, I have installed Python a year ago.

Good point; this is a known result of how its implement in the theme, as a custom theme config option rather than just as a page in the docs, combined with the link in conf.py being to /license.html in the site root rather than (injecting) the version path—which still is still rather hacky, but should work if we update the old conf.pys and rebuild. IIRC from the discussion, previously the URL in the footer was hardcoded but that broke other that used the theme so the current system was adopted. I seem to remember proposing a better approach that would avoid this former problem, but it’s been a while and I’d have to take a deeper look at it again…