Move versions table from Dev Guide to main docs

The status of each version of Python is listed in the very last page of the Dev Guide: Status of Python versions

Knowing if your current version is still supported is important for all users of the language. It should be more prominently available on the docs that the general public is using everyday.

I’d like to propose moving the versions page to and linking to it somewhere where it can be reached quickly, maybe in the “Meta information” section or in the FAQ.

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cc @nedbat re: Discord

not entirely sure, but the calendar of releases is interesting for users of Python, not just developers of Python.

This information is already maintained on the website Downloads page. Adding it to would be problematic as all of its contents is generated automatically from the doc sources in each source release branch and they are updated independently and asynchronously and eventually are frozen-in-time as releases progress to end-of-life status.


We could add a link to the info on the Downloads page from somewhere in the docs pages, perhaps from the front page of each version or from the sidebar.