Resources and help request for learning the information requried to become a Python developer


I want to (over a period of time) develop enough knowledge of the Python codebase to be able to modify it, fix bugs, add new features, etc.

Are there any resources available to help with orientation with the Python code?

eg: Conference talks on YouTube? Books? Documentation web pages?

I have a background in C/C++, so while I understand these languages (and Python too) I don’t have any of the base level required knowledge to be able to contribute to the Python code.

For example, I see things like Py_DECREF and ask questions like how would one know when this needs to be called? (I can guess at what it does, it reduces reference counts for Garbage Collection.)


I can help with that much, at least:

Thanks, this looks like a good start and will keep me busy for a while, I am quite sure.