Unable to install python (Strange problems , I'm not new)

Using python 3.0.1 , on Windows XP PE , MSI support added manually (msi.dll , msihnd.dll , msiexec.exe)

-(Sorry for my bad English…)

Welcome, @SuperLiJunyi

That is indeed an extremely cryptic error message. No idea what it means.

You are attempting to install a very old version of Python (that has not been supported for over 12 years) on a very old operating system (that has not been supported for over 7 years). (I’m not familiar with “Windows XP PE” - is this even an official build from Microsoft? It also sounds like you’ve modified core operating system components?)

Under these conditions I’m afraid it’s fairly unlikely you’ll find anyone able to help you diagnose this unusual problem.

Maybe you can find a different version of Python that works. Maybe there’s an old version of an alternative Python distribution somewhere that will work, like ActivePython, WinPython or Portable Python.

If you can, it would be better to use an up-to-date version of Python on a supported operating system.

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Thank you , @tjol
(PE=Preinstallation Environment) , core of my XP PE is official (Core 1) , and else is modified . msi.dll , msihnd.dll , msiexec.exe are copied form official Win XP . (Need them to execute .msi) I want to install a python when I using Emergency Startup Disk , May be I should use Win 7 PE (support 3.5 or newer python) , and I can install python(.exe) or Embed version (python 3.0-python3.4 don’t have .exe , or embed version , only .msi available) .
(Forgive me if I said something wrong , I not good at English)