Announcement: The PyCon US Packaging Summit 2024!

Hello everyone—it’s that time of year again! @pradyunsg , @FFY00 , @jezdez and I are excited to announce that registration and topic proposals for the Python Packaging Summit at PyCon US 2024 are officially open! As in past years, the summit will be an opportunity to have a hands-on, in-person discussion of the key packaging issues facing the Python community, with the topics to be decided by all of you.

When and where

This year, after coordinating and deconflicting with the other planned summits and events we’re aware of so far, we’ve scheduled it for the afternoon on the second day of the main conference, Saturday, May 18 from 1:45 PM to 5:45 PM. We’ve requested that the program committee schedule do their best to schedule packaging-related talks outside this window, but let us know if you are hoping to attend and have a potential conflict.

Room is currently TBA; we have a tentative assignment and should be able to confirm it in the next few days, as soon as we hear back from the organizers.

Register to attend

Are you involved in Python packaging in some capacity, have a unique perspective to share and ready to participate in intense discussions helping continue to hash out the present and future of Python packaging? If so, you’re a great candidate to attend!

Make sure to apply via our registration form, which closes Monday April 1 2024 AoE. You should receive an email confirming whether you were selected to attend by on or about Friday April 5.

Propose a topic

Do you have a particular topic in mind you want to share or discuss? Great! Keep in mind that time allows for a limited number of topics, and we’ll need to select those that pose the broadest interest from and applicability to the community and would benefit most from a hands-on, interactive discussion. Submitting multiple topics is allowed (and encouraged, within reason), and you don’t have to be selected to attend to have your topic discussed.

You can submit your topic on our topic proposal form, which closes Wednesday May 1 2024 AoE. We’ll email out and publish a final schedule within a week or so thereafter, prior to the opening of the conference. We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

More information

For further details, please see the Packaging Summit page on the PyCon 2024 site. You can also read the 2023 summary notes to see what was previously discussed last year.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you there!