Doesn't Delete Path When Uninstall Python

When I tried to down grade from Python 3.12.0a4 to Python 3.12.0 going to download to delete .pwy path from original install file for python 3.12.0a4 and I accidently deleted the original install download file for python 3.12.0a4. Where can I find the Python .pwy path to download? I tried to download the install download file to delete the path, but was dumb to realize that doesn’t work. I am downgrading because I had problems with python 3.12.0a4. Any suggestions to help?

You are UPgrading from the alpha release to the final release not downgrading.

Suggest you uninstall whatever python 3.12 to have installed.
Check that there are no files left in c:\program files for python 3.12.

Then install 3.12.0 again.

I went to the Control Panel to delete Python 13.12.0a4 and it deleted without problems.

Is everything woking for you now?