Fellow Nomination Email Flagged as spam


I sent an email to psf-fellow@python.org , nominating Marlene but I got response that its flagged with a reason “because not on list”. What list is this?

Does it mean it is rejected or there is an admin who filters messages and the email will be approved eventually?

Psf-fellow@python.org is a mailing list for the fellows workgroup and messages from non-members of the workgroup/mailing list are held for approval by the moderator.

It will be approved and the nomination added the current quarter’s list in due course.


Thanks @NaomiCeder

Also Marlene was curious how long it takes to know the outcome , I shared her email, you can let her know the status, of yes/no or whatever status there is.

The timeline is described here

In case your nomination didn’t make the cutoff for Q3, it might be queued for Q4.

It normally takes a bit longer for the announcements to actually happen.

For example:

Q3 2023 should be announced by the end of September but has’t been yet, so best thing is to be patient :slight_smile: And:

  • If someone is not accepted to be a fellow in the quarter they were nominated for, they will remain an active nominee for 1 year for future consideration.