Santa comes to Kaggle

For anyone who gets bored with XMas – Kaggle has a very cool Santa 2023 Competition, featuring permutation puzzles (basically variants of sliding puzzles and rubic’s kubes Rubik’s cubes): Santa 2023 - The Polytope Permutation Puzzle | Kaggle

The supplied scoring code at Kaggle introduced me to a Python library I had never used before –
sympy (SymPy 1.12 documentation) which has extremely nice support for various kinds of combinatorial data structures (such as Permutations).

(Didn’t quite know in which category to place this - Perhaps the Events would be better?)

Schreier-Sims and Akos Seress’ Permutation Group Algorithms

That’s indeed a permutation of “rubik’s cubes” :slight_smile: (and the real spelling is Rubik).

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