Core dev sprint this year

I am curious if planning is underway for the sprint.

Usually happens in October, so was checking if I need to plan to make it or not.


The SC has started to reach out to see if we can find a venue/host.


I’m currently asking internally to see if Google can host Oct 17-21 at a bay area California campuses.

(I doubt dates would be an issue but I’d use Oct 3-7 as a fallback if they were; the week inbetween is a holiday, thus unusable; 3.11.0 is :crossed_fingers: scheduled October 3rd).

Regardless of ultimate venue and host my recommendation is that we follow pycon2022’s rules w.r.t. vaccination and masking requirements regardless of local policies which are currently naively more relaxed here.

A few others have told me their companies are also willing to host or support the sprint, so if I can’t swing it on our end, we’ll head that direction. Otherwise I hope this means we have potential financial sponsors for travel and accommodations chomping at the bit… :slight_smile:


Personally the Oct 3-7 would work better for me :pray:

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It might be worth surveying potential attendees and seeing whether it’s worth setting up a European venue as well, so that those who can’t easily travel to the US have an option other than (as usual) sitting at home.


I’d definitely welcome that.

UPDATE: I won’t be able to attend anyways, as I’ll be on tour during the sprint[1]. I’ll be participating via mobile link from the back of the van :banjo: :bus:

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It seems like the last European sprint was successful, so I agree, it’s worth considering.


Save the date: October 3 - 7, 2022. We’ve got a space reserved and confirmed at Google in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Next I’ll work on logistics. I wouldn’t book travel or lodging until I send an official announcement outside of this thread. I expect my next step will be an attendance survey.

While I am not going to plan for multiple locations or a virtual hybrid mix here, if people do want to gather and be online somewhere else in the world they are welcome to and I think it will all work out fine. We won’t have great timezone overlap and will be using California daylight hours on this end.


When you run the attendance survey, can you include options for those who would prefer and/or require this? May as well get all the info at once - with numbers, I may be able to book space in one of the Microsoft buildings in the UK.


I’m +1 for this too. However, my concern is that this would cause a split in the attendees and reduce the overall interaction. It may also mean having to choose between seeing the US core devs vs the European core devs.

Maybe if a large majority votes either location, we host it there (and only there)?


We’ve already got space in the US, so it’ll definitely be there.

I’d say if 10 or more people were like “I can’t get to the US at all but I could get to the UK” then I’ll try and find somewhere to host here. But less than that probably isn’t worth it.

More than 10 reasonably active core devs not being able to make it to the sprints is still a noticeable split, so it doesn’t make things any worse if they’re meeting elsewhere. Though as Greg says, there’ll be no overlap in time zones (unless US people get up for 8am, or we find a Euro venue that’ll let us stay late).


Didn’t we go through this exact argument a few sprints ago? I have a strong feeling of deja vu.

Thanks Greg.

I personally plan to join the US one, because preparation-wise its getting late to plan my fall travels, so cant wait for new Europe scheduling of venue, much as I will be in Europe around time for the sprint.

I just fear that two venues will make me feel like we will try to be remote again in order to collaborate between attendees of these two locations, which beats the reasoning of why I am actually travelling to the US.


We did, but the primary issue for people then was cost and US visa restrictions. Now factor in personal health concerns and an even more complicated political landscape and I think it’s worth revisiting.

As I say, I’m primarily interested in those who wouldn’t make it to the US at all (such as myself). Either way, we won’t be there, so I don’t see any harm in us being somewhere else during the same week.


The way I see it, since Google is the host and sponsor, I expect there will be funding/sponsorship available to support your travel to the US, but not to the alternative venue. But maybe I’m wrong about this.

In the past the PSF has sponsored travel and accommodation, so we won’t know until we ask.

I’m waiting on the attendance survey first before anything else. Once we have some info on who can make it, we’ll see the value in backup plans.


PSF usually sponsors travel and accommodation, I recall from 2019 but maybe we can confirm.

Yep. The PSF has said they’re interested in doing that again.


Note: PyPy is organizing a sprint as well and you’re all invited, too:

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Just an FYI that I’m now double-booked for that week, so I won’t be at the sprints, nor will I be able to organise any alternate venues.